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Church Building Consultants has experience with a diversity of church projects. We help you express your uniqueness together with your unchanging message. We understand and can design contemporary or traditional styles, historical elements, performance venues, and culturally neutral welcome centers. Our agenda is only to express the values and ministry of your church.

Church Building Consultants is the leading design/builder of church and ministry facilities in Illinois and the region. CBC is a full service resource to churches and ministries for their building needs. Through our real estate brokerage, needs studies, complete financial planning, long range master planning, select architecture and engineering, competitive bidding, and construction general contracting, we provide every service to fulfill the church’s vision for facilities.

Our staff has planned, designed and/or built over 250 church and ministry facilities ranging from historical restoration of sacred spaces to added family life centers, contemporary worship and performance venues, multi-purpose rooms, printing facilities, warehousing, dining and commercial kitchens, recording studios and sets, schools from preschool through secondary, college libraries and all kinds of athletic facilities.

Our purpose is to enable Christian Ministries to realize their vision and goals for their facilities.

The funds entrusted to the church leadership for design and construction should be used wisely and efficiently, knowing that we will be held accountable to our Master, our Lord Jesus Christ. Our responsibility is to provide the right design, and quality construction at a fair price.

The architectural design should be a creative solution that provides a space that enhances the corporate worship experience and meets the needs of the congregation or ministry. The ministry needs and values should efficiently shape the function of the building. We look for opportunities to provide informal spaces for fellowship and friend-making.

We strive for an appealing and architecturally attractive statement that reflects your values. We recognize that a church building creates a presence within the community that can serve as an attractive invitation. The building’s presence begins to express the church’s personality to the community.

Finally, our primary measure of success is the commendation of you, our client.

Call us to have us share with you how many other churches have been successful with their building projects. Together we can find a new way for your new building program.

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We can help you discover and achieve God’s plan for your facilities.